8 ways to clear your home of negative energy without sage (2023)

Over the past decade, the practice of "smudging," or burning sage, to cleanse your home of negative energy has become incredibly mainstream. Walk into any gift shop or candle shop and you're likely to find sage wrappers alongside Palo Santo incense and small ceramic trays or abalone shells. But in recent years, it has become clear that this practice may not be suitable for everyone.

"Given concerns about cultural appropriation and over-harvesting of white sage...it is crucial to recognize that the practice of sage anointing is rooted in indigenous cultures and should be respected as their spiritual practice," says the herbalistBarbie Gardiner, founderOutdoor pharmacy.

For this reason, we decided to turn to astrologers, mystics and healers for their favorite alternativecleaning methods— and a little more information about what exactly we should be trying to get rid of.

"Negative energy can manifest in different forms, such as long-term feelings of sadness, anxiety or tension within a space," he explains.Benjamin Stubbs, athinking coachand the author30-day training for happiness. "It can also be influenced by external factors such as arguments, stress or even remnants of past events."

If this sounds like something you're dealing with, read on to learn about nine different ways to clear your home of negative energy without sage.

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How to clean your home of negative energy without sage

1. Sol

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Of all the smearing alternatives on this list, experts most recommend using salt, which, asKumiko Kanayama, founder and grandmaster ofThe center of the five lights of Shiatsu, says it is "a simple and effective practice used by shiatsu practitioners in Japan."

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"You simply put salt in small containers by the front door of your house," she explains. "In shiatsu, this is believed to clear 'Ki energy,' which is each person's life force energy, as it moves in and out of your space."

He says that you can place small bowls of salt all over the house. But since it absorbs negative energy, you should change them regularly and "be sure to put the old salt away or bury it outside the house".

Natalie Viglione, a running life, business and spiritual coachTeam GoiDisrupt Now Program, shares that you can also dissolve salt in water and "spray the solution around the perimeter of the home, making sure to cover all corners and doorways."

And finally, according topsychic reader and astrologer Emily Newman, if you feel negative energy inside yousami, you can use salt in the bath. "Add a pinch of rock salt to the water and rinse your body first."

2. Sound therapy

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Sound therapy is also highly recommended, as the vibrations can dispel negative energy.

"You can use tools like Tibetan singing bowls, bells or bells to create harmonious sounds throughout the home," he saysRebecca Farrar,professional astrologer and mystic. "Or I like to hum and sing. Walk around each room, focusing on corners and high-energy areas, while making sounds."

Newman suggests setting an intention before engaging in sound therapy practice.

3. Lavender, rosemary or cedar smoke

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If you want to smudge in a different way, Gardiner suggests alternatives to herbal smoke like lavender, rosemary or cedar. "These herbs have their own unique cleansing properties and can be used in a similar way to traditional smudging."


"To perform a cleansing ritual, gather dried herbs, tie them together and carefully light them," she explains. "As the herbs smolder, gently move the smoke through the space, focusing on areas that may contain stagnant or negative energy. The act of consciously moving the smoke can help move energy and create a sense of renewal in the space."

However, Gardiner points out that smoke cleansing also has its roots in different cultural traditions. "By using alternative herbs, we respect the diversity of traditions and demonstrate our commitment to cultural sensitivity and sustainability," she says.

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4. Essential oils and incense

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Another way to clean negative energy with herbs is to use themessential oils.

Lifestyle expert Chantelle Hartman Malarkeysays that eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon essential oils are known to "clear away bad energy."

In the Appendix,metaphysical expert and astrologer Linda Berryrecommends rose "for stress and anxiety relief" and lavender as "a good general spiritual scent."

"You can make a spray by diluting a few drops of essential oil in water and spritzing it around the house, paying attention to areas that are heavy or stagnant," suggests Farrar. "You can also use an oil diffuser to diffuse the aroma throughout the space. I add essential oils to mopping water and cleaning sprays for added benefit."

The same scents can be used as incense, but Malarkey adds that sandalwood and jasmine will help purify the air.

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Whether you're burning incense or oils, Berry explains that smoke collects negative energy, so it's important to keep a window or door open so it can leave your home.

5. Crystals

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Crystals are a great way to clear negative energy. "Ancient Egyptians, Native American tribes, ancient Greeks, and Hindu and Buddhist cultures all used crystals in various ways to heal and protect their space," he shares.Alice Giles, astrologer and ownerMoments Crystals. It is also a very important component of astrology.

To draw inspiration from these sacred practices, Giles recommends setting upcertain crystalsaround the house. "This will enhance the flow of energy and the symbolic nature of crystals for cleansing, calming and protecting the home."

Captolia Eaton, a professional witch andspiritual business coach, says black stones like black obsidian and black tourmaline are best for clearing negative energy.

"Black obsidian works as an ethereal vacuum cleaner, absorbing all the negative energy waste in the environment like a vacuum cleaner collects dust," she explains. "And black tourmaline is also an excellent crystal for clearing negative energy as it is highly protective and deflects any incoming negativity back to the sender."

For these crystals to be most effective, Eaton says you'll want to "cleanse" the stones themselves of the negative energy they absorb. You can do this by placing selenite near them.

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6. Clean up and tidy up the mess

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You need to clean anyway, but if you do it withintention and awareness, can affect the energy throughout the home, says Giles.

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"Start by setting your intention, visualizing your space being cleared of negativity and filled with positive vibes," she recommends. "Be fully present in the moment, using all your senses to experience the physical act of cleaning. See the dust being swept away, feel the surfaces being washed with water... and smell the fresh smell of cleanliness."

It's also important to keep clutter at bay, as it "often reflects emotional clutter within ourselves," notes Stubbs.

He encourages you to get rid of any items that no longer bring you joy or serve you. "By doing this, you create space for positive energy to flow freely, leaving room for new and uplifting experiences."

7. Light and air

8 ways to clear your home of negative energy without sage (7)

One simple way to clear your space of negative energy is to simply open the windows.

Sunlight has a positive effect on our mood and general well-being, while fresh air can remove stagnant energy, says Stubbs. "Use sheer curtains to maximize natural light and strategically add mirrors to reflect light and energy throughout the space."

8. Water near the bed

8 ways to clear your home of negative energy without sage (8)

Some people recommend keeping a bowl of water under the bed, but Berry says you should put a glass of water insteadnearyour bed, will help clean the home from negative energy.

"It collects negative energy and negative entities around you while you sleep," she explains.

Of course, you'll never want to drink this water, but when you wake up in the morning, "take a glass with your left hand and throw the water down the toilet," advises Berry. "Then fill the glass three times with water from the sink and empty it into the toilet. Then flush the toilet. Each time you flush the toilet, say: 'I am releasing the negative energy collected in this water.'"

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He says you'll want to repeat this practice every day until you feel the negative energy cleared.


How do I clean my house for positive energy? ›

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  1. Keep doors and windows clean at all times. According to Thrive, the front door and windows are the entry point for good energy and the exit point for negative ones. ...
  2. Declutter. ...
  3. Use salty water to clean your floors.
Jan 7, 2023

What can I burn to cleanse my house? ›

Light a stick of palo santo and let the flame burn for up to one minute. Blow it out and walk through the rooms you wish to cleanse, allowing the smoke to waft through the space.

How can I change the energy in my room? ›

To quickly move energy in a physical space, change one thing in your least favorite room. Pack up a box for goodwill of things you no longer want or use. Shake out rugs and move your furniture around. It's amazing what a little re-organization can do for one's sanity.


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