Best weapons for Scaramouche (Wanderer) in Genshin Impact (2023)

Developing characters to their full potential is one of the most meticulous and important aspects ofGenshin Impactplaying style.

The once infamous Fatui Harbinger Scaramouche will transform into the playable WandererGenshinsVersion 3.3 is being updated and will therefore task players hoping to use it with expanding its abilities by choosing the best possible weapon for the wanderer.

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Scaramouche was first introduced in 2020 when he appeared in a special event called Unreconciled Stars. Since then theHarbinger of the Foolhas resurfaced numerous times to wreak havoc, and excitement surrounding the placeholder has only grown.

Now Scaramouche is about to make his debut as a playable character if he makes his grand entrance along the wayGenshinsVersion 3.3 update. The "Balladeer" Scaramouche will no longer be an antagonist as he redesigns himself as a wanderer.

Though Scaramouche was known for his Electro abilities, he used an Electro Illusion, a fake vision with many dangerous disadvantages bestowed upon him by the Cryo-Archon Tsaritsa, to cement his status as one of her Harbingers. As a Wanderer, Scaramouche will instead wield an actual vision that is Anemo.

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In addition to going from an Electro Delusion to an Anemo Vision,Scaramouche will also look very differentwhen players achieve him as a playable character.

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Instead of Scaramouche's signature red and purple colorway, which goes well with his villainous personality, the Wanderer will feature a new design with lots of shades of blue to match his new personality and element.

His most signature asset, his massive kasa hat, will remain, but with a small refresh to match his overall appearance change.

Exactly how Scaramouche will become the Wanderer is still a bit unclear at this point, as players last saw him during gameplaythe massive boss fight against the character in a huge mechanical machine.

At the end of the Archon Quest version of this fight, Scaramouche was defeated by the Traveler and Nahida and fell into a comatose state, which he is still in.

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There will be a quest centered around the character in version 3.3, and players can expect to learn exactly how and why he turned from the Fatui to become the Wanderer.

He will have no Electro powers when he becomes playable and will have a full Anemo skillset, similar to the five-star Hydro Bow character Tartaglia, who also wields an Electro Delusion used in the Enter the Golden House” and Trounce Domain, gifted by Tsaritsa in honor of his status as one of the Fatui Harbingers.

Anemo characters possess some of the most useful powers inGenshin Impactbecause many of them are able to traverse Teyvat in unique ways, making exploration a breeze. Five-Star Anemo Bow character Venti can fly for a period of time, Five-Star Anemo Sword character Kaedehara Kazuha possesses a powerful double jump, and Five-Star Anemo Polearm character Xiao levitates in the air , before falling back down to deal massive damage. Now Wanderer will be another Anemo characterwith a unique air skillsetkeep up with the others and might even be the best Anemo character yet.

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What is the best weapon for Scaramouche (Wanderer) inGenshin Impact?

Wanderer's abilities make him a character primarily focused on dealing heavy damage. As such, he'll likely be the primary damage-dealing unit on any team he's fielded on, meaning players will want a powerful weapon to boost his damage output.

Best Five Star Catalysts for Scaramouche (Wanderer) inGenshin Impact

Every five star character inGenshinwill always perform at their peak when equipped with a five star weapon that matches their skills.

As such, players should aim to equip Wanderers with a five-star Catalyst once they acquire the Anemo character for themselvesGenshincharacter list.

Best weapons for Scaramouche (Wanderer) in Genshin Impact (4)

Tulaytullah's memory

This Catalyst was built specifically for Wanderer, so it's generally the best weapon for him, regardless of how players build the Anemo character. Tulaytullah's Memory's "Past Azure Teardrop" ability grants a simple but powerful 10 percent movement speed increase, which is perfect for building on Wanderer's airborne abilities.

Wenn der Träger dieser Waffe eine Elementarfertigkeit ausführt, wird der normale Angriffsschaden jede Sekunde für insgesamt 14 Sekunden um 4,8 Prozent erhöht.

If an enemy is hit with a basic attack during the 14 seconds, normal attack damage is increased by 9.6 percent and this increase can be activated once every 0.3 seconds.

Up to 48 percent of normal attack damage can be gained for a duration of this effect. The effect ends when the wielder of this weapon leaves the battlefield, and all damage buffs can also be reset by using an elemental skill.

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Although the Skyward Atlas was one of themGenshinsfirst weapons, it remains one of the best and most versatile catalysts. At its lowest refinement level, this Catalyst's Wandering Clouds ability increases elemental damage by a bonus 12 percent.

This weapon also gives all normal attack hits a 50% chance to gain the Favor of the Clouds. Upon winning the favor of the clouds, it activates and seeks out all enemies for 15 seconds while dealing 160 percent attack damage to all enemies it finds. The Favor of the Clouds can only be obtained once every 30 seconds.

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Lost Prayer to the Holy Winds

This weapon's Boundless Blessing ability is another great choice to boost Anemo's air-based abilities due to its 10 percent movement speed increase. In combat, it also grants an 8% increase in elemental damage every four seconds.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds Catalyst abilities can be stacked up to four times. The effect lasts until the character wielding this weapon leaves the battle or is defeated on the battlefield.

Kagura's truth

Another solid five-star option for hikers is Kaguras Verity. The Sacred Sakura Kagura Dance ability grants the Karuga Dance effect when using an elemental skill.

This effect increases the elemental skill damage of the character wielding this weapon by 12 percent for 16 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. When the maximum of three stacks has been reached, the character wielding this weapon gains a 12 percent bonus to total elemental damage.

Best weapons for Scaramouche (Wanderer) in Genshin Impact (6)

Best Four Star Catalysts for Scaramouche (Wanderer) inGenshin

Any four star weapon equipped for Wanderer isn't the best choice for him, but will work as a suitable placeholder until players are able to acquire one of the five star options.

(Video) he's POWERFUL! COMPLETE Wanderer Guide - Kit, Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Tips | Genshin Impact 3.3

Die Widsith

Players who want wanderer features in a variety of ways may find The Widsith to be the right choice for them. This catalyst grants various unique buffs that work very well with Wanderer's abilities.

The Debut ability grants a different theme song for 10 seconds each time the wielder of this weapon enters the battlefield, but can only occur once every 30 seconds.

  • Recitative:If the chosen theme song is Recitative, Attack is increased by 60 percent.
  • Arie:If the chosen theme song is Aria, all elemental damage is increased by 48 percent.
  • interlude:If the chosen theme song is Interlude, Elemental Mastery is increased by 240.

Solar Pearls

A great option to increase Wanderer's damage output is the Solar Pearl Catalyst. The Sunshine ability causes basic attack hits to increase elemental skill and elemental surge damage by 20 percent for 6 seconds.

This ability also works in reverse, meaning Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst Hits increase normal attack damage by 20 percent for six seconds.

This weapon effectively turns Wanderer into a damage-dealing machine that amplifies its own damage output.

Best weapons for Scaramouche (Wanderer) in Genshin Impact (7)


This weapon's Infusion Roll effect grants an 8% bonus to elemental damage for 10 seconds after activating an elemental reaction. The elemental damage bonus can be stacked up to two times.


This weapon is only available through the Paimon's Bargains shop, but is a solid option available to any player with some patience and work. The Press the Advantage skill increases Attack by 12 percent for 30 seconds after defeating an enemy.

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This unique effect can be stacked up to three times. Each unique stack lasts 30 seconds on its own and works independently of the other stacks, even if three are active.

Best weapons for Scaramouche (Wanderer) in Genshin Impact (8)

Scaramouche, reborn as a wanderer, will be available with the version 3.3 updateGenshinWill be released on either December 6th or December 7th depending on the time zone players are in. He will be five-star on his From the Ashes Reborn banner for about three weeks before becoming forever unavailable at some point.


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