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Increase efficiency by converting paper files into digital documents

Some physical documents must be stored for several years to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. However, most active business documents andOstavinski recordsit can be scanned or converted from paper to digital. With our business scanning services and document management system, you can instantly access the information you need.

We know how important it is to keep your documents and files safe. That's why we offer the best document recording, digitization and storage services. Our team of experts will scan all your documents into digital format so they are easily accessible when you need them most. You can even use our online portal to access any file from anywhere at any time!

Adopting this approach to converting paper files to electronic files can help your business stay competitive and better meet the needs of your customers in today's increasingly "immediate" economy.

Scanning and imaging services of business documents

Our secure document scanning services can handle digital conversion projects of all sizes. We can help you with scanning services for the following types of documents and jobs:

Commitment documents

Bills of lading

HR documents and employee records

State books, and birth and death certificates

Blueprints and other large format documents

Bulk scanning services

Photos, art, slides, films and scanned negatives

Access can help you establish efficient processes for your ongoing scanning and imaging needs. We evaluate your backlog and semi-active records that need to be converted to electronic file formats. They can then be stored off-site or shredded to free up valuable real estate and improve the office environment.

Backfile Imaging Services

Convert your inactive or archived paper documents, microfilm or microfiche records and media files into a single electronic format.

Day-forward document scanning services

Convert newly created documents to electronic form and integrate them with your existing digital records and workflows.

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"Access helped us index over 1.4 million records in 40 different locations."

Tony Wood

Head of the HIM program,Penn State Health

How document and image scanning services can help you

Get more value out of your business documents with custom document imaging solutions.

Document imaging and bulk scanning services | Access (2)

• Consolidate information across geographic locations and departments

• Reduce redundancies and improve document search/retrieval processes

• Enable secure file sharing wherever and whenever needed through an online account

• Meet complex regulatory obligations through classification, digital search and compliance tracking

• Reduce risk by following a retention schedule

• Free up valuable real estate for strategic use

• Save documents that can be damaged

Document imaging solutions to suit your business application needs

At Access, we guide thousands of clients towards a more digital office through customized paper document scanning and digitization projects.

Do you have a large document scanning project as part of a broader digital transformation initiative? Or do you need recurring scanning and digital retrieval services as part of your business processes?

let's start

Easily access your digital images and electronic files anytime.

We guarantee minimal disruption to your business, enabling your team to access documents during the digital transformation process.

Integrating day-ahead scanning processes and document management software solutions can automate workflow and improve productivity. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or HR-specific document management platforms such asCarta HRcan optimize your digital transformation.

Secure file sharing and access

While documents can be retrieved in physical form, sharing them by copying, faxing, mail or email can be inefficient and insecure. Digitally retrieving and sharing scanned documents can streamline processes, reducing your costs while improving information security.

Find a document scanning center near you

We have more than 130 conveniently located document scanning facilities throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. If you don't see a scanning center near you, ask. In most cases, we have a location nearby that can serve your area.

Find a document scanning location near you

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Document imaging and bulk scanning services | Access (4)

CartaHR: a software solution for managing employee records

Securely share scanned and digital HR documents while providing a complete and auditable chain of custody. Your employees' documents are encrypted both at rest and in transit, and you can control whether image documents can be edited, printed or downloaded. IP restrictions, robust password policies and two-factor authentication requirements also protect your business and sensitive employee information.

See what CartaHR can do for you

See how Access' document scanning services helped a large hospital convert a file room into space for 30 additional employees.

Read the case study

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Indexing and classification of documents

Access' document scanning and data collection services will ensure consistent classification and indexing, without sacrificing user availability or security. By integrating with our document management solutions, organizations create intuitive central repositories that allow them to find information quickly and easily when they need it.

Ourssoftware solutionsit can also classify and archive your scanned and digitally born documents accurately, without human intervention. Additionally, content uploaded to our platforms, Perceptive Content by Hyland or your ECM is stored in secure, redundant data centers to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Resources for document scanning and digitization

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Storing historical records and media files

Historically significant records and media files are subject to deterioration due to use and natural conditions, such as heat and humidity.

Scanning and electronic storage of documents preserves them for longevity. We recommend customized scanning and imaging services, as well as secure storage of originals. Access offersstorage media vaultsfor original records and files. Our secure, climate-controlled storage facilities exceed fire safety standards and are equipped with fire suppression systems.

By scanning and imaging, these older legacy records can be shared electronically, reducing the amount of physical handling required. Content can actually become more readable by scanning. In addition, the threat of natural disaster and destruction of records can be reduced, as scanned and recorded documents become a secure backup of the original.

Answers to your questions about document scanning and imaging

Why should my organization scan documents?

In most cases, documentation needs to be stored in order to remain in compliance with state and federal regulations. Scanning improves accessibility, saves space and protects your documents from accidental damage.

How much does document scanning cost?

There is no fixed price - it depends on the size of the order. We'll make sure you get the services you need at the right price.Contact us for an offer.

What kind of documents do companies scan and store?

Accounting documents, HR documents and employee records, bills of lading, blueprints, state books, birth and death certificates... documents of all types and sizes can be scanned and stored while maintaining compliance with all necessary regulations.

Can you scan materials other than paper documents?

We strive to provide complete scanning solutions. Our scanning service includes scanning photos, images, slides, films and negatives.

Does scanning help in an emergency?

It's absolutely worth it. Fires, floods, and even simple spills can wipe out your work and make finding records a nightmare. By scanning, you do more than save space. You gain peace of mind.

How much do I need to prepare the documents?

Not much! We'll take care of staples, paper clips, extra notes and more. We will also ensure that torn or damaged documents are scanned with the same level of care.

Do you offer on-site or remote document scanning?

We can come to your office...even when your office is remote. Check out ourson-demand scanning solutionsto find out how the scan can reach you.

Can you integrate with my existing document management solutions?

We sure can. All documents are delivered via a secure protocol that integrates with your system.

How are files stored after scanning?

It depends on where you want them stored - we offer multiple document management solutions designed to suit different use cases.

How can I manage my scanned documents and records?

Our system enables more than access: you can securely share documents worldwide, reducing costs and improving data privacy. With advanced search features, your life suddenly became much easier.

Do I just scan to free up space? Can I get my documents back?

Of course. We can send you the documents immediately. In this case, you maintain your physical records, but you can take advantage of the search and access services that our systems allow. We can toostore your documents safely, giving you access to physical records, but without the need for on-site storage.

What is the quality of scanned images?

The quality of scanned documents is just as good as the document we scan—and in many cases even better. High-tech scanning can improve the readability of many older documents.

What happens to the original documents after scanning?

These can be stored off-site in secure locations using our secure storage facilities orunderground, protected vaults. Protected against fire, flood and any kind of crime, the documents are there as long as you need them.

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See how Access' document imaging services can optimize your business processes.

More than 30,000 companies rely on Access for records management and document scanning services. Our project team can create a customized digital implementation plan to help you achieve your goals.

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