Engelbert Humperdinck discovers things that have given him a new will to live (2023)

He's a four-time Grammy-nominated legend who's had thousands of shirts ripped off his back and countless panties thrown at him on stage.

Now Engelbert Humperdinck, the star of the most absurd name in pop, is desperate to rekindle his army of adoring fans as he goes on tour in the hope of easing his grief after Patricia, his beloved wife of 56 years, died in February 2021.

'I'll be honest with you, I'm lonely,' says Engelbert, whose latest album was released on his 87th birthday earlier this month.

'All I want is to get back on the road and sing. I want to work as much as possible because I like to get love from my fans. It gives me the will to live.'

Patricia, who suffered from Alzheimer's for more than a decade before she died, was his rock and soul mate until she succumbed to cardiac arrest after contracting Covid. "You don't realize what you've lost until it's gone," he says.

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Engelbert Humperdinck (left) lost his wife Patricia (right) in February 2021 - the couple had been married for 56 years. Humperdinck is now preparing to go on tour across the UK

'After losing Patricia I felt so vulnerable and raw. Your whole thinking changes, your heart changes, your whole world changes. You read texts differently. Everything becomes more vivid in your mind and you can portray them in a more sensitive way.

'So on the show, I dedicate a song to her called Everywhere I Go that I wrote about 30 years ago, saying I didn't know the lyrics could be so moving at this point in my life. Even though I wrote it so long ago, I put it back on my show because I dedicated it to my sweetheart and people love it.'

One of the worst places I've slept was a public convenience. For a penny you could stay as long as you wanted

The new album, called All About Love, is his unique take on some of the greatest love songs of all time, starting with his first single in years - a fresh take on Barry White's 1974 No. 1 hit You're The First. rankings, Last, My Everything.

Indeed, Engelbert, or Enge as he likes to be called, is currently enjoying a bit of a renaissance, with a recently recorded version of West Ham United's football anthem I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles appearing in Brad Pitt's Bullet Train, his 1968 hit A Man Without Love went viral with 15.9 million streams on Spotify after appearing in the Disney+ superhero drama Moon Knight and the Netflix fantasy comedy The Umbrella Academy playing Quando, Quando, Quando during a fight scene.

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'Even now when I walk on stage, the reaction I get is incredible – they're still screaming,' she beams. 'I've also noticed that younger people have started to discover who Engelbert Humperdinck is, so I see a lot of new faces in the front rows. I will never retire. I just want to keep doing what I'm doing because I love show business.'

It was a chance encounter that led to a love story that spanned 65 years when he and Patricia met in 1956 at the Palais De Danse nightclub in Leicester when she was 17 and he was 20. Back then, Enge went by his old simple name of Arnold Dorsey and struggled to make a name for himself as a singer.

British star Engelbert was nominated for four Grammys, and thousands of shirts were ripped from his back on stage and countless panties were thrown. Pictured: Engelbert performing in 1967

He was so broke that he refused to marry Patricia until 1964, when he had earned enough money for her and the four children – Louise, Jason, Brad and Scott – that followed.

It was Patricia who bought him a new pair of shoes when she heard there was a talent competition on the Isle of Man and they went to try his luck. He won a prize of £75 and a free holiday.

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'She was so good to me and made me feel so good,' he recalls wistfully. 'She was by my side all those years. That competition was a great experience. I sang Your Eyes Are The Eyes Of A Woman In Love and I won her over. I knew then what I wanted to do.'

But it was a struggle in the early days. Enge was so short of money that he slept on benches at the train station or in a cold phone booth, unscrewing the light bulb so passers-by wouldn't see him shivering inside. 'It was a hard life, but I think you learn from hard hits.

One of the worst places I've ever slept was in a public place. When you put a penny in the slot, you could stay there as long as you wanted,' he laughs. 'But Patricia was there for me even when I contracted tuberculosis in 1961, which was life-threatening. I spent six months in hospital and when I tried to go back to work I was rejected by so many people.'

My wife shot from the hip and told it like it was. That's what I loved about her. She did not receive any blows

It was this brush with death that convinced him to team up with Tom Jones' manager Gordon Mills, who suggested he change his name from Arnold Dorsey to Engelbert Humperdinck, borrowed from the 19th-century German composer of the same name. In 1967, Enge had his first number one with Release Me.

'It happened when I was asked to stand in at the last minute for my friend Dickie Valentine on Sunday night at The London Palladium and I performed Release Me,' he says. 'It was a turning point for which I am truly grateful. This brought the song to such a large audience and it spent 56 weeks in the top 50. It even stopped the Beatles from having their 13th number one.'

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He and Patricia managed to move from a tiny apartment to a luxury home in Surrey where John Lennon was a neighbor, before moving to California. They then raised their family between their mansion in LA and a home in his native Leicester (the late Queen, for whom he sang four times, called him Leicester Boy), complete with their own pub and red phone box.

At his peak, he had to travel with 150 shirts as crazed women would rip them off his back every night and throw their underwear at him, but these days he's kept quiet about that heady time. "It was a phase and it never upset me, it was a real compliment," he says.

What hasn't changed is Enge's shiny curls. 'I've been gray since I was 25, so I decided to dye it so I wouldn't look old. But at least I still have hair to dye,' she laughs. 'I still have sideburns too, having started fashion in the 60s. Everyone had them - the Beatles and my friend Elvis. I told him, 'You stole my sideburns!' And he said: 'If it looks good on you, then it will look good on me too!'

Patricia loved to sit behind that 'famous head of hair' when she rode his motorcycle, and he still rides his Harley-Davidson around the Hollywood Hills. He is glad that he was able to be there for her in the last years, just as she was there for him.

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he tried all sorts of treatments, from stem cells to electroacupuncture, and she seemed to be making a remarkable recovery, saying his name again after three years of not being able to speak. 'I really thought he was going to get away with it,' he says. 'Then came the pandemic, which weakened her.'

But Patricia was far from weak. In his 2004 autobiography, she confidently wrote her own chapter, dealing with his affairs and what she called 'enough lawsuits to establish paternity for bedroom wallpaper'.

She described how, far from being a long-suffering wife, she was not only strong, but drew strength from facing these situations and encouraging Enge to tell the truth. "Men are so different and sex doesn't always mean there's love," she wrote.

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»Men need it. So I didn't care about it, as long as it was sexual. But when it becomes a relationship, that's when it becomes painful. I always told myself, if he ever buys someone an apartment or a home, then that's it, because then I would know that that person means a lot to him.'

Enge only read his wife's chapter after the book was published, and today he says: 'It was difficult to read. I haven't read it in a while, but it's important so I think I'll read it again. My wife shot from the hip and told it like it was. I have never met anyone as honest and direct as she is. That's what I loved about her. She did not receive any blow.

'I was so proud of her for writing it and it was a release valve for me too. I had to say a few things. Actually, I have more to say, so maybe I'll write something else. But for now, Patricia would like me to just continue with the show, because there's no job like show business. I just love it.'

  • Engelbert's new album All About Love is out now.


What is Englebert's net worth? ›

Engelbert Humperdinck a British Indian pop singer who has a net worth of $180 million.

How was Engelbert Humperdinck discovered? ›

He achieved international prominence in 1967 with his recording of "Release Me". Starting as a performer in the late 1950s under the name "Gerry Dorsey," he later adopted the name of German composer Engelbert Humperdinck as a stage name and found success after he partnered with manager Gordon Mills in 1965.

Is Engelbert Humperdinck seriously ill? ›

I have come down with a viral bronchial infection & am being treated for it now. This has never happened before and I so much wanted to see all of you in the 14 cities," Humperdinck wrote in a statement posted on his Twitter page and website on Nov.

Why did Engelbert Humperdinck cancel his concert? ›

The Engelbert Humperdinck performance scheduled for Sunday, March 12, 2023, is being postponed due to artist illness. Once the performance has been officially rescheduled, ticket buyers will have the option to use their existing tickets for the rescheduled date or may select to receive a refund.

What is Frank Sinatra's net worth? ›

Although like many celebrities, Frank Sinatra's net worth was known to fluctuate throughout his career, it is said that he was worth about $200 million at the time of his death. His estate reportedly included not only cash but also a collection of cars and other valuable items.

How much money has Elton John made? ›

Elton John, a British singer holds British nationality and according to news, Elton John's Net Worth as of 2023 is around $550 Million. This popular personality from England has earned a decent amount of money from his profession. And in other news, Sir Elton John has left Twitter citing 'misinformation' as the reason.

What nationality is Engelbert? ›

What is the latest with Engelbert Humperdinck? ›

Los Angeles, CA – After their successful 2021 Blu Ray release of Engelbert Humperdinck's Totally Amazing concert film, Los Angeles-based Cleopatra Entertainment has followed up by acquiring global rights to the brand new and first ever documentary film about the legendary performer entitled Engelbert Humperdinck: The ...

Where is Engelbert now? ›

Engelbert divides his time between his houses in California and Great Glen, Leicestershire.

Who is Engelbert married to? ›

Did Engelbert ever meet Elvis? ›

Engelbert was a few years younger than Elvis and befriended the American legend when he first broke into the USA in the mid 60s. They remained the closest of friends until Elvis' death in 1977. “He was wonderful, one of the dearest people I have met in my life,” Engelbert tells Noise11.com.

Does Engelbert have children out of wedlock? ›

Patricia has spoken for the first time about her horror when she discovered Engelbert had a four-year-old child with another woman when she had just given birth to her first child, but his subsequent affairs weren't such a shock to her when she realised his drinking problem contributed to his scandalous behaviour.

Why did he pick the name Engelbert Humperdinck? ›

Mills, who saw that Dorsey had been struggling for several years to become successful, suggested a name-change to the more interesting Engelbert Humperdinck. The name was borrowed from the 19th-century German composer of operas such as Hansel and Gretel. It wasn't long before he scored chart success around the world.

Who is Frank Sinatra's best friend? ›

Tony was only twenty-one when he first met and befriended Frank Sinatra. Tony later became the singer's best friend and road manager, a contributor to two of Sinatra's platinum albums, and a producer of the documentary To Be Frank: Sinatra at 100.

Who did Dean Martin leave his money to? ›

After Dean Martin died in 1995, his agent, Mort Viner, and defendant Laura Lizer became co-trustees of the Dean Martin Family Trust, which consisted of Dean Martin's half of his royalty payments, the complaint states. Jeanne Martin says she is a trust beneficiary, in addition to being entitled to half of the royalties.

What was Dean Martin worth when he died? ›

When the world lost Dean Martin in 1995, the beloved singer, actor, and comedian was worth a whopping $30 million. What is this? How Much is the Dean Martin Estate Worth in 2023? In 2023, Dean Martin's $30 million price tag translates into more than $58 million when you factor in inflation.

What kind of car does Elton John drive? ›

Sir Elton John is a connoisseur of British automobiles and over time he has acquired several Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, and Jaguar cars.

How much is Garth Brook worth? ›

Garth Brooks is an American singer-songwriter who has a net worth of around $420 Million. Whenever you talk about American country music, the First name comes to mind. He is one of the most successful country singers of all time. He has sold just as many records as the Beatles did.

How much money has Madonna made in her career? ›

Madonna's estimated net worth is an astonishing $850 million in 2023, making her one of the richest musicians in the world. Forbes has named Madonna the wealthiest female musician of all time.

Did Engelbert sell his house? ›

He definitely didn't sell this Los Angeles home for a song. British balladeer Engelbert Humperdinck, 86, has parted ways with his Mediterranean-style spread in Bel-Air for $4.05 million in a deal that closed on Friday, The Post has learned.

What is Engelbert Humperdinck's vocal range? ›

The singer's mother had an operatic voice, and her genetic gift to her son gave him a vocal range of three-and-a-half octaves. The sonority of his voice, capable of conveying a range of strong emotions, could easily have been out of the world of opera. Engelbert's real name was Arnold George Dorsey.

Is Engelbert a German name? ›

Engelbert is a boy's name of German origin, meaning “angel-bright,” and a darling way to dote on your little dove.

Does Engelbert have children? ›

Is Engelbert Humperdinck touring in 2023? ›

On May 2, 2023, Englebert Humperdinck will turn 87 years young. Rather than take it easy in his advanced age, the timeless singer will tour all over the U.S.

How tall is Engelbert Humperdinck? ›

Does Engelbert Humperdinck have a daughter? ›

Who turned Elvis down? ›

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Who was almost cast as Elvis? ›

Miles Teller was a top fan choice for the role of Elvis. At the time of the international casting call for the part, fans were abuzz posting side-by-side comparisons of the Top Gun: Maverick star next to the iconic crooner Presley.

How many children did Engelbert Humperdinck have? ›

Engelbert Humperdinck has sold millions of copies of his hit songs, but nothing makes the singer happier than his four kids. The “Release Me” performer is the proud dad of his adult children, Bradley Dorsey, Jason Dorsey, Scott Dorsey and Louise Dorsey.

How old is Engelbert Humperdinck now? ›

What year did Engelbert Humperdinck get married? ›

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What is Tom Jones's net worth? According to TheRichest.com, Tom Jones is estimated to have a net worth of $250 million (£187.3m).

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What is Tiisha net worth? ›

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Is Engelbert Humperdinck Married? ›

How much is Mick Jagger worth right now? ›

Net Worth: $520 Million

Jagger can give Paul McCartney a run for his money as the most famous rock star still going. Jaggers's stage presence has been imitated by people everywhere, and he has influenced generations of rock artists with his theatrics on stage.

Who is the wealthiest singer in the world? ›

Note: all net worths listed are estimated, in USD and according to online sources like Celebrity Net Worth and Wealthy Gorilla.
  • 1 / 20. Katy Perry (Estimated net worth: $330 million) ...
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Apr 18, 2023

Who is the richest singer of all time? ›

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RankNameNet Worth
1Madonna$580 Million
2Mariah Carey$535 Million
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4Gloria Estefan$500 Million
21 more rows

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Frankie Valli has a net worth of $80 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Did Joe Pesci have anything to do with Frankie Valli? ›

As a teenager, Pesci was friends with singers Frankie Valli (who is nine years his senior) and Tommy DeVito (who was 15 years his senior). In 1959 at age 16, he helped introduce them to singer and songwriter Bob Gaudio, which led to the formation of the band The Four Seasons.

Does Frankie Valli actually sing anymore? ›

Frankie Valli, who appears at Casino Rama on Friday and Saturday, has lost none of his vocal ability. At 88, the original Jersey Boy is still going strong. The ever youthful Frankie Valli continues to tour with the Four Seasons.

What is Fave's net worth? ›

According to this website Fave SZN net worth is estimated at around $100 thousand Us Dollars (Over 41 million in Naira) Fave SZN is among the Nigeria talented creative Fast rising singer and a songwriter who realized the power of social media and made their way to the spotlight through it.

What is Engelbert doing now? ›

Engelbert divides his time between his houses in California and Great Glen, Leicestershire. The couple made it their UK base as Engelbert, born Arnold Gerry Dorsey, grew up there and it's where he met Patricia.


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