How to use protective magic: 5 spells that clear negative energy and protect you from bad vibes (2023)

knowinghow to use protective magicit can clear stagnant energy, protect you from negative vibrations and strengthen the barriers of your aura. It can even preserve your vitality and ward off people with bad intentions. Plus, it doesn't have to be complicated to work! Actually, it's simplespellswhich are often the most effective.

Since people have been alive, they have been searched forprotection. When ancient people lived in tribes, it was very important for people to feel physical security, but in our more modern — and domesticated — era, the focus has shifted to our ownspiritualand energy protection. Reliance on spellsconjure up our desiresinto existence is an ancient practice that is far out of datewitchcraft, but still lives today in a practical formMagicand spiritualrituals.

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The focus of protection spells varies depending on the ritual and the intentions that are set. Make sure you have a dedicated time so you canfocus during these spellswill be the most important part of the process. Energy flowswhere our attention goes!

I'm here to share all my besttips and secretsas a modern witch to take care of your healthand your home are well protected for the times to come! Check out the list below for the top five protection spells to incorporate into your spiritual practice.

5 protective spells that protect your energy

How to use protective magic: 5 spells that clear negative energy and protect you from bad vibes (3)

What it does:Protect yourself from the "evil eye"

In many countries of Latin America, it is customary for loved ones to decorate their loved oneswith a red string bracelet. This practice aims to ward off "mal de ojo" or evil eye energy from people who are jealous, envious or simply wish you ill. These red bracelets not only protectnegative energy, but they are believed to bring good luck to the wearer.

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Make sure a trusted loved one ties your red bracelet on your left wrist, as the left side of the body is associated with our "reception" or the best practice of feminine energy. Before the bracelet is placed on your wrist, make sure you and your accomplice have the right (and positive) intention. You can recite "this bracelet is meant to bring protection, luck and happiness to the wearer" or simply set that intention silently and separately before the bracelet is tied.

It is important to note that in original practice red bracelets are not intended to be touched by the person who originally wore them after they fall off. It is said to be bad luck to pick it up again after it has broken and the bracelet itself has passed its lifetime of protection. So, it's best to ask someone nearby to pick up and throw the bracelet or just leave it where it fell and walk away. As with all protection spells, we want to be familiar with all the steps in their process, not just the easy, fun, or beginning stages of the spell.

How to use protective magic: 5 spells that clear negative energy and protect you from bad vibes (4)

What it does:Invite protective energy into your life

This practice does not require any additional items to set up. To set your protection spell, start by slowly inhaling and exhaling 3 times. When you are calm and centered, chant the following protective spell three times:

elements of the sun,

elements of the day,

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please come here

Powers of night and day, I call upon you.

I call on you to protect me! So be it.

This is a very strong and protective spell used foroccultist, witch and believerthrough many centuries. Connecting deeply with your own innate sense of protection while chanting this spell will help you solidify your intention. Try to imagine a ball of golden energy surrounding you as you chant this spell, growing stronger with each recitation.

How to use protective magic: 5 spells that clear negative energy and protect you from bad vibes (5)

What it does:Restore your spiritual and physical vital functions

Our health is one of the most important indicators of vitality, longevity and energy. When it comes to our health, it is best to protect ourselves well with a protective spell in the form of "Fire Cider" ortincture of the gods.

To prepare Fire Cider:

  1. Mix chopped fresh herbs and vegetables (chili, oregano, sage, thyme, garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric) and fill the glass container with apple cider vinegar, making sure that the ACV covers all the other ingredients
  2. Store this new mixture in a cool, dark place for 2-4 weeks
  3. Strain your mixture
  4. Drink Fire Cider regularly (especially during cold and flu season or if you've been directly exposed to someone who is sick)

Many of these plants have antiviral properties, which help us protect ourselves from diseases and negative energy. Plants have been used throughout history to fend off everything from vampires (think cloves of garlic) to the plague. Fire Cider also makes a great gift or addition to your witch friends' care package. Don't be afraid to play in your apothecary *or kitchen, as Muggles like to call it these days*.

How to use protective magic: 5 spells that clear negative energy and protect you from bad vibes (6)
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What it does:Cleanse negative energy and unwanted spirits

It has been known since ancient times that smoke repels evil energy and expels spirits of evil intentions. Consider gazing at a candle: Many people believe you can see your own powerful, focused energy by staring at a small stream of smoke coming from a burning candle, transforming it from erratic to concentrated with just a few seconds of deliberate gazing. Now we want to understand where this practice started and we can look back to Aboriginal and Native American culture. From smoke signals, to smudges, to their birth rituals, the Native Americans really set the stage for moremodern uses of smoke and stain protection tools.

To start your own smoke protection rituals, use one or more of the following sustainably sourced resources:

  • Incense
  • Herbs (incense, pine, cedar, rosemary)
  • Sage
  • Gajak
  • Candles

Determine the intention before burning. An example would be:

“As I light this tool, please protect me from any and all negative forces, visible or invisible, and illuminate the most righteous path ahead. Please give me safety from all the energy that tries to stop me from my path, my joy, my health and my purpose. So it can be."

How to use protective magic: 5 spells that clear negative energy and protect you from bad vibes (7)

What it does:Protect and strengthen your sacred space

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Our home is the space where our vessel resides, but it is also a hub of energy. If you have other members in your home, curious neighbors, guests, or have given your home address to others, it would be wise to practice protection rituals for your home. The list below will give you steps to protect not only your home, but yourself and ensure that your health, well-being, happiness, wealth and joy are protectedthrough these deliberate and conscious practices.

  • Mirrors:bring a mirror (or mirrors) above the flame of a lighted candle and say: "Into this mirror I pour the energy of this flame to burn away all negative energy." I am passing this mirror through the smoke so it can shield and protect my home” then place the mirror(s) on each side of your home with windows. This will reflect all negative energy to the original and keep your home safe.
  • Cleaning up the mess:no more stuck and stagnant energy! When we declutter (especially nostalgic clutter from our past), it helps keep the energy in the home light and fresh, making it easier for love, creativity, and clarity to exist.
  • Salt in front of the door:take ground salt and place a rope in front of every door that leads out of your home. Salt is said to absorb negative energy, so it is best to keep it on the outer edge of the neck.

Above all, protective spells and rituals are best performed when there is a deep and firm belief that you are safe. Even in moments of overwhelm, threat or doubt, root yourself back into the divine knowing that your guides and angels want what is best for you. Take these protective spells and use them as often as needed to achieve a deep and unshakable sense of safety and protection—both inside and outside your home!

How to use protective magic: 5 spells that clear negative energy and protect you from bad vibes (8)


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