Property Pays-de-la-Loire : 1,049 houses and apartments for sale (2023)

Property Pays-de-la-Loire : 1,049 houses and apartments for sale (1)

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Property Pays-de-la-Loire : 1,049 houses and apartments for sale (2)

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1,049 houses and apartments are for sale

Property Pays-de-la-Loire : 1,049 houses and apartments for sale (4)

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  • Real Estate Vendée (270 ads)
  • Real estate Loire-Atlantique (251 ads)
  • Maine-et-Loire real estate (245 ads)
  • Real estate Mayenne (156 ads)
  • Real estate Sarthe (127 ads)

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Property Pays-de-la-Loire : 1,049 houses and apartments for sale (12)

Chateau de Saumur, Loire

Posjed Pays-de-la-Loire

Formerly the ancient Marches of Brittany, the Loire region has, thanks to Nantes, a royal opening to the ocean, but the interior also consists of a peaceful green landscape. Real estate in the Loire region reflects this duality. You will find houses for sale that are right next to the sea, or almost, because they are right next to the coast. However, you can also choose to buy a property in a quiet, temperate countryside or on the banks of the Loire. If you want, buying a house in Angers, Nantes, Laval or Le Mans will immerse you in the rich past of these ancient medieval cities. There is one disturbing detail: there is a castle in Naples that bears an uncanny resemblance to the one in Angers. But that's not surprising. The Dukes of Anjou ruled there for a while and then returned here to France. There is no doubt that you will take advantage of the mild climate in Angers.

  • Maine and Loire
  • Vandeja
  • Mayenne
  • loire Atlantique
  • Sarthe

Maine-et-Loire Nekretnine

The 16th century poet Joachim du Bellay already spoke of the mild climate here (la douceur angevine), and this is still true today. In fact, everything in Maine-et-Loire is about gentleness: with gentle landscapes and a mild climate, it is a department with a beautiful peaceful landscape and lovely airy cities that are pleasant to live in, such as Angers or Saumur. But Maine-et-Loire also boasts a magnificent architectural heritage and famous vineyards. If you add that the department has a good road and rail network, you can see why this is a top destination. Despite this, property in Maine-et-Loire remains very affordable and you can choose between a beautiful building plot in the village, an apartment in Cholet or a character house near Angers.

Apartments and houses for sale in Maine-et-Loire

Property Pays-de-la-Loire : 1,049 houses and apartments for sale (13)

Obale Loire u Saumuru

Vendée property

With its wide sandy beaches, rocky coastline, small resorts, well-preserved islands and the mild climate of the Marais Poitevin, the Vendée is a sunny department that has a lot to offer. Not to be forgotten is Sables-d'Olonne, with its magnificent beach, the 'Remblai' (breakwater), the old fishing quarter and the quadrennial Vendée-Globe yacht race. Real estate in the Vendée is very diverse and you can find all types of properties there, for all budgets. So, while prices certainly vary by area, the real estate market is so vast that there is something for every budget. An old house to renovate in Sainte-Hermine, a townhouse in Fontenay-le-Compte or an apartment by the sea in Sables d'Olonne... the choice is truly vast!

Apartments and houses for sale in Vendée

Property Pays-de-la-Loire : 1,049 houses and apartments for sale (14)

Quai de la Chaume, Les Sables-d'Olonne

Mayenne Nekretnine

Mayenne offers a peaceful undulating landscape dotted with charming villages such as Sainte-Suzanne or Lassay-les-Châteaux. It is a department that will really satisfy those who want an authentic, peaceful village. Lovers of old buildings will find what they are looking for when walking through the medieval streets in the old town of Laval. Property in Mayenne is well priced and there are still some real bargains to be found there. There are plenty of properties for sale, often in villages, where the houses are larger, complete with gardens. So you just need to find the right place: the center of Laval or the countryside near Château-Gontier or Craon. If you like riding, why not an equestrian estate near Sainte-Suzanne?

Apartments and houses for sale in Mayenne

Property Pays-de-la-Loire : 1,049 houses and apartments for sale (15)

Laval old town

Nekretnina Loire-Atlantique

Historically the capital of Brittany, Nantes offers the Loire-Atlantique a magnificent opening to the ocean. Wide sandy beaches, small fishing ports and green nature are a good mix in this department with a great variety of landscapes. We should not forget La Brière, a nature park with canals, peatlands, many thatched houses or the salt marshes of Guérande. Property in Loire-Atlantique is diverse and prices vary widely depending on location. So you can choose, depending on your preference (sea or countryside?) and your budget, between a renovated mill near Châteaubriant, an apartment with a sea view in Pouliguen, a villa in Pornic or a beautiful country house, just a few minutes from the center of Nantes.

Apartments and houses for sale in Loire-Atlantique

Property Pays-de-la-Loire : 1,049 houses and apartments for sale (16)

Harbor side houses in Croisic

Property of Sartha

The majestic centuries-old oaks of the Bercé forest, the steep valleys of the Alpes Mancelles, the imposing Abbey of Solesmes or the medieval town of La Ferté-Bernard make Sarthe a department, while being so close to Paris, where country lovers and enthusiasts of historic buildings can find what they are looking for. Passing the Le Mans highway, how is it possible to imagine the beautiful Plantagenet City hidden in the heart of the old town of Le Mans? Property is very affordable in Sarthe and many properties for sale can be found, including many commercial properties. If your goal is not to run a business, you can choose between a building plot in Fresnay-sur-Sarthe, a town house in Le Mans or a country house in Sillé-le-Guillaume.

Apartments and houses for sale in Sarthe

Property Pays-de-la-Loire : 1,049 houses and apartments for sale (17)

Houses in the village of Fresnay-sur-Sarthe

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  • Apartments with a balcony
  • Houses with garages
  • Houses with gardens
  • Land

Kuce Pays-de-la-Loire

The French region of Pays-de-la-Loire is located in the west of the country and offers an incredible array of real estate opportunities. Here you can find beautiful homes with unique architectural features, stunning interiors and plenty of space to create your dream home. Visitors will be able to admire houses built in different styles from traditional charm to modern chic. Whether you're looking for a cozy cottage or a grand villa, you've come to the right place for homes in Pays-de-la-Loire: countless properties with great views of picturesque landscapes, beaches and villages across this region of France await buyers who want to own their piece of paradise!

Houses for sale in Pays-de-la-Loire

Apartments in the Loire Valley

Discover the beauty of the Pays-de-la-Loire region of France with its vibrant cities, beautiful beaches and lush countryside. From charming villages to bustling urban areas, Pays-de-la-Loire has something for everyone. With various listings of apartments for sale in the area, you can find your ideal place to call home. Whether it's a beachfront apartment, a stylish city loft or a country house surrounded by picturesque vistas – explore all that the Pays de la Loire has to offer! Find your dream home today in this picturesque French region located on the Atlantic coast.

Apartments for sale Pays-de-la-Loire

Pays-de-la-Loire Houses with swimming pool

Discover stunning properties in the beautiful Pays-de-la-Loire region of France. Whether you're looking for the perfect vacation home or just a place to settle in, you'll find it here! Offering an incredible array of luxury homes with private pools, this region will provide you with everything you need. Enjoy magnificent views of the landscape or relax by your private pool in a villa nestled in rolling hills and lush vineyards. Whether it's traditional cottage charm or modern chic luxury that appeals to you, there are so many choices when it comes to pool houses in the Pays-de-la-Loire. With low real estate taxes and tons of amenities nearby, now is the perfect time to make this dream come true!

Houses with swimming pools for sale Pays-de-la-Loire

Pays-de-la-Loire Apartmani s balkonom

Experience the ultimate combination of history and modern amenities in Pays-de-la-Loire, France. Explore stunning apartments with balconies located near beautiful beaches along the Atlantic coast and historic cities such as Angers. The Loire Valley offers beautiful landscapes that will take your breath away – perfect for people who want to live close to nature. Enjoy the beautiful view from your balcony or take a walk in the lush nearby parks. Apartment living doesn't get any better than this! Start your search today for an unforgettable experience in one of the imposing apartments in Pays-de-la-Loire with a balcony that exudes luxury and French charm.

Apartments with balconies for sale Pays-de-la-Loire

Pays-de-la-Loire Houses with parking

Pays-de-la-Loire offers homeowners plenty of houses with garages for sale. From small farmhouses in the countryside to luxury villas by the coast, this dynamic region has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a garage large enough to accommodate two cars or an additional unit that can be used as a workshop, Pays-de-la-Loire has many listings of homes with garages available. The area also enjoys mild weather year-round, so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor living and entertaining in your own backyard! With plenty of choice and great prices, finding the ideal house with garage in the Pays de la Loire will be easy and enjoyable!

Houses with garages for sale Pays-de-la-Loire

Pays-de-la-Loire Houses with garden

Discover the beauty of the Pays-de-la-Loire in western France and explore all that this region has to offer with its stunning properties with gardens. This breathtaking area with its stunning cliffs, beaches and lush green landscape is home to several luxury homes ideal for your dream abode. From spacious traditional homes surrounded by peaceful gardens or spacious villas with sea views, the Pays-de-la Loire has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a comfortable abode close to nature or an extravagant vacation home with lots of land, you'll find the perfect location here! With access to several historic towns, countless outdoor activities and a variety of amenities, owning a house with a garden in the Pays-de la Loire is an opportunity not to be missed.

Houses with gardens for sale Pays-de-la-Loire

Zemlja Pays-de-la-Loire

Pays-de-la-Loire, in France, is home to some of the best land for sale. Located along the coast and surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, it offers potential buyers an excellent opportunity to find rural plots perfect for building their dream home or starting an agricultural business. Vacant land in the Pays-de-la-Loire varies widely - from flat open fields, wooded areas with paths and streams to vineyards overlooking the sea. Here you can find affordable acreage suitable for farming and ranching, as well as larger lots that are ideal for subdivisions or luxury residences. With its mild climate and picturesque landscapes, the Pays-de-La Loire is a prime destination for real estate investment!

Land for sale Pays-de-la-Loire

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