The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (2023)

Beautiful flowers that are quite easy to grow, hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowers out there. They tend to thrive during the growing season with the help of supplements in the form of fertilizers. They usually grow perfectly in soil that is light and drains quickly.

Although people say you need to fertilize them a few times a year, hydrangeas don't need any additional plant feeding.

Fertilizers are beneficial to plants and flowers, promoting overall growth and contributing to the vibrancy of flower colors. Therefore, you should only look for a good fertilizer for hydrangeas in your garden if you want your garden to be beautiful.

The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022:

These plant-based foods not only help your flowers grow, but also nourish their roots. Therefore, you should only go for the best ones available.

1. Scotts Company 185001 Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Miracid Fertilizer

The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (1)The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (2)

This is one of the best foods for hydrangeas, which help encourage beautiful blooms and bright colors. It helps nourish plants like rhododendrons and azaleas almost instantly.

You can get the product in four pound boxes. It is rich in iron and other necessary nutrients. Bi-weekly application helps provide the plant(s) with profuse blooms, rich colors and lush foliage.

This works doubly as the fertilizer helps to nourish the plants both through their roots and through their leaves. Also, the product starts working right after application for faster and more efficient results. When you pick up this product, you are sure to notice the buds and vigorously developing roots. Direct application does not harm the plants in any way.

Special features

  • Dissolves in water and nourishes plants that prefer acidic soil
  • Allows the double feeding effect through both the leaves and the roots
  • Starts working immediately for fast results
  • Promotes beautiful flowers and good root development

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2. Espoma soil acidification fertilizer

The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (3)The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (4)

Our next choice in the list of the best fertilizers for hydrangeas is a product from Espoma. This is an organic soil acidifier and mineral of high purity.

The acidifier helps lower the pH in the soil and the product is fine if you are interested in organic gardening. Any plant you use with it will look more beautiful and fuller. You can use this plant fertilizer for hydrangeas and blueberries for blue flowers.

The style and color are very popular with gardeners. So you don't have to use dyes made with various harmful chemicals. The Espoma fertilizer does not contain any sulphur-containing ingredients. So it will take some time to see the results after application.

If you want to buy this fertilizer, make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions. Using this in the early part of the year will give the plants more time to adapt and grow.

Special features

  • Use as a soil conditioner and for fertilizing
  • Reduces soil pH to allow for optimal plant growth
  • Highly effective and long-lasting results
  • Packaged in six pound bags

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3. Hoffman 66505 Aluminiumsulfat

The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (5)The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (6)

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This Hoffman product is great for turning your flowers blue. It comes in a pack of up to 4 pounds of product, which is enough for a decent number of plants. The active ingredient in this plant food is aluminum sulfate.

This special fertilizer is designed for acid loving plants and flowers, especially blueberries, begonias, fuchsias, azaleas and more. Working with it is easy; All you have to do is put the product directly into the soil and then water the plant.

As directed on the back of the pack, you can add this supplement to your plant every two weeks until you see your desired color. Before applying, test your soil to see if it has reached the required pH level.

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4. Bonide (BND56429) – Bailey’s Color Me Pink Hortensien-Pellets

The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (7)The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (8)

Color Me Pink is another excellent choice in our list that will help you get gorgeous hydrangeas. This soil amendment changes the color of your hydrangeas by raising the pH of the soil.

This Bonide product comes in pellet form that you can add directly to your plant. You don't have to worry about thoroughly mixing in these pellets. Just make sure to apply an adequate amount of water after application. What this plant fertilizer does is that it releases lime, which is the component that turns buds pink over time.

For best results sprinkle this product around the root area of ​​the plant. Also, don't forget to have a solid ground test done beforehand. Note that this product does not change the color of white hydrangeas.

Special features

  • Changes the color of the hydrangea to pink
  • Increases soil pH
  • Pelletized lime is used as an active ingredient for soil sweetening
  • Easy to use upon arrival

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5. Garden Select for blue hydrangea flowers

The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (9)The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (10)

This Garden Select product is excellent for Macrophylla and Serrata hydrangea species. This product is available in granule form and allows for super easy application. Plus, you only need to apply it twice a year – once in spring and once in fall. This should make for beautiful blooms that will brighten up your garden.

The active ingredient in this plant-based food, which promises consistency and quality, is aluminum sulfate. Application is hassle-free as all you have to do is apply the right amount to your plant and then water it.

After that, the active ingredient is slowly released over three months as the temperature of the soil changes. And before long, you should see your flowers turning blue.

For best results, apply to your hydrangeas before budding and blooming. This product can be applied to both sandy and clay soils.

Special features

  • Enables an easy and uncomplicated application
  • Colors your hydrangeas blue
  • You don't need to apply it to your flower more than twice a year
  • The product consists of granulated, polymer-coated aluminum sulphate
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6. Burpee Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer

The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (11)The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (12)

Bone meal is an all-natural source of high levels of calcium and phosphorus. If you add phosphorus to your soil early in the season, there will be vigorous root development and early season growth.

This product ensures better flowering and fruiting when it comes to harvest time. Plant food tends to break down slowly, ensuring consistent growth throughout the season. This one will not burn the hydrangeas at all.

This Burpee product is also perfect for promoting the healthy growth of root and bulb plants. It is ideal for the new budding plants and gives established gardens a boost. Your patio container will also look its best with this product.

Special features

  • Provides essential organic nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus
  • Organic certified, OMRI listed
  • Encourages young plants and helps them stay strong throughout the season
  • Provides stronger roots and more vibrant petal colors
  • Also ensures healthy growth of root and bulb vegetables

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7. Bonid products aluminum sulphate

The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (13)The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (14)

This fertilizer from Bonide Products helps lower the pH of the garden soil, which helps acid-loving plants. Plants like hydrangeas need an acidic environment to grow. This plant food helps lower the pH of the soil and helps plants grow well in their particular conditions.

This Bonide product colors hydrangeas blue and can be used in all types of soil. It is specially designed for plants like azalea, camellia, etc. If you use this product on pink baby hydrangeas you will gradually notice a color change. The color first turns into a light shade of lavender and eventually turns blue.

The product works fast and shows its results quite quickly. You will see your flowers begin to gain color in a few weeks. The pale or washed out colors of hydrangeas will gradually turn to the natural blue after using this plant food.

Special features

  • It helps lower the pH of the soil
  • Suitable for acid loving plants as they prefer the lower pH in the soil
  • The formula of the product helps turn hydrangea blue
  • It can work flawlessly in almost all soil types

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8. J. R. Peters Inc 59324 Jacks Classic Hydrangea Dünger

The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (15)The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (16)

This one from J.R. Peters Inc. comes in a one and a half pound bucket. This is water soluble and full of aluminum sulphate. The fertilizer also contains various micronutrients that are necessary for the hydrangea to grow well.

This one is specially upgraded to make your blue hydrangea look prettier. The mixture of chemicals, i. H. of aluminum sulphate and nutrients, ensures that the plant grows lush leaves and keeps the beautiful blue color. One thing to note is that this fertilizer cannot change flower color from white to another.

After application, it takes a few weeks before you notice the results. Over time you will notice the leaves becoming thicker and healthier. The flowers appear much more vibrant after flowering than before. You will also look significantly larger.

Special features

  • Dyes hydrangeas blue
  • Dyes hydrangeas blue
  • Made in the USA and goes through quality control
  • The bucket has a non-slip rubberized handle

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9. AcneFree Oil-free acne cleanser

The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (17)The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (18)

This supplement from Nelson is great for gardenias, camellias, and other acid loving plants. The plants that tend to thrive in acidic environments will benefit from this product. It contains both organic and artificial ingredients that lower the pH of the soil and also provide an adequate amount of iron.

This fertilizer consists of a mixture of free form, monoammonium phosphate, potassium sulfate, ferrous oxysulfate, ferrous sulfate and some other chemical components.

It also contains three types of iron and four types of acid sources. The nitrogen sources are quite microbial, which avoids root burn and keeps your plants fresh and perfect.

Since this product consists of many ingredients, additional nutritional supplements are not required. With constant use, your hydrangeas will bloom with stronger roots and larger sizes. The color will also pop more.

Special features

  • Works as a plant fertilizer for all acid loving plants
  • Excellent source of nutrients and minerals for plants growing in acidic soils
  • Helps flowering plants improve tolerance to dry weather
  • You can see quick results
  • The first choice for a large customer base for over 30 years

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10. 100 % reines Aluminiumsulfat

The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (19)The 10 best fertilizers for hydrangeas in 2022 (20)

As the name suggests, this product is completely pure aluminum sulphate. It is water-soluble and is mainly used as a flocculant in drinking water purification. Fine particles in water bodies clump together when you add the aluminum sulfate. It can also be used in several water treatment plants.

A granular product, this aluminum sulphate can be used as a great fertilizer for growing plants. You can even dye clothes with it! It can be used as a waterproofing agent in the construction industry and also as an accelerator in concrete cement. But of course the main use of the product is to lower the pH of garden soil.

The product can also lower pH in water and prevent algae formation in water bodies. This plant food is just right for acid-loving plants.

Special features

  • Used as a flocculant
  • Fights and prevents algae by lowering the phosphate level in the water
  • Used as a mordant that combines with dye to make it last longer
  • It is highly acidic and is used to balance the pH of garden soil
  • Can be used as a pH reducer in the pool or even as a garden fertilizer
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Factors to consider when choosing the best fertilizer for hydrangeas:

Although the price of the product is a concern that most customers and gardeners have, there are many other factors that you need to consider. Some of these have been mentioned below:

• The soil in your garden

Hydrangeas do best with light soil, which facilitates drainage. If you have soil that is heavier or clayey, consider adding compost. Otherwise, you would also add leaves and bark, both of which are organic fertilizers. These increase the nutrient content in the soil.

You should check how alkaline or acidic your soil is and what your plant loves. Based on this, you can choose a supplement that will work with those pH levels. Also, check fertility by doing a soil test.

• Variety of hydrangeas

Each hydrangea species has different plant nutrition needs and each requires a different application time. For example, smooth hydrangeas only need fertilizing once a year during the winter.

Bigleaf plants require multiple applications in the first half of the year. And panicle hydrangeas and oakleaf hydrangeas thrive best with two applications, once in April and once in June. Hydrangea macrophylla is also a species of the Hydrangeaceae family, native to Japan.

There are also other small factors, such as B. Ease of use. For example, some products don't need to be mixed before use, which is perfect for gardeners who like to save time

What is the best time to fertilize hydrangeas?

Normally,Hydrangeas grow bestwhen fertilized once or twice a year. Several experts and hardcore gardeners also mention that you should apply fertilizer twice, once in the fall and then once in the spring.

Because if you fertilize for the first time in spring and the product takes effect, your plant does not have to be exposed to the heat of summer or the cold of winter. And therefore the growth is smooth and not stunted.

If you want, you can also plant and fertilize your flowers somewhere in early summer. This time frame ensures it is not too hot for your flowers to bloom and thrive. Be sure to add the plant food when you see buds. Also, make sure the flowers haven't bloomed yet.

Although most experts say that fertilizing hydrangeas twice a year is sufficient, do your research. Some fertilizers can last up to eight weeks, while some don't last more than a week.

If you use a fertilizer that releases quickly, you can make a light application in March, May and July. Keep in mind that too much can increase the risk of fertilizer burn.

Note: For blue blooms, you can fertilize endless summer hydrangeas in spring.

What is the best way to fertilize hydrangeas?

Although some people advise making a special mix of plant fertilizer, these flowers do well with little to regular feeding. Knowing how to fertilize ramp hydrangeas is just as important as choosing the right product to get the job done.

Avoid spreading the supplement around the base. Instead, place it around the branches, around the drip lines.

If you've decided on a slow-release form of supplementation, don't forget to cover it lightly. This helps activate the product and initiate the slow release of nutrients. You can give the plants a light dose of liquid iron twice a year, which will give the leaves a healthy green color.

If lime or sulfur is added to your fertilizer, your flowers are sure to change color. Hydrangeas turn pink when treated with lime and turn blue when treated with sulfur. Both color changes are gradual. Note, however, that white hydrangeas do not stain with lime and sulfur.

It's a good idea to lightly fertilize your flowers in March, May and July. Too much supplement can burn the plants. This is first visible on the leaves of the plant; You will look burned.

How much product should be used for one plant?

It is best to do a soil test to understand how much plant food you would need for your plants. Usually the fertilizer package will have clear instructions to help you.

Can you over-fertilize a plant?

Yes, it is. Too much of the supplement could not only burn the plant's leaves, but also stunt its growth. An important note is that coffee grounds help create extra acidity in the soil around hydrangeas. For proper use, read the directions and labels carefully. Even if you are ever in doubt, use caution and only use a small amount of the product.

What Kind of Hydrangea Fertilizer Should I Use?

These dietary supplements generally come in two forms – liquid or granular. The first type allows for a quick effect and can be used when watering the plant. The latter acts comparatively more slowly and releases nutrients for the plant over the course of many months.

Should I fertilize a diseased looking plant?

You have to find out what makes the plant weak. Before worrying about fertilizer, consider other options. For example, check that the plant is getting enough water and light. Also look out for signs of pests or diseases.

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Since flowers are precious things that require love and care, it only makes sense to provide them with the best nutritional supplements. The items above are some of the best hydrangea fertilizers on the market right now. These ensure vibrant, full and beautiful flowers to enhance your garden.


What month do you fertilize hydrangeas? ›

Hydrangeas should be lightly dressed with fast-release fertilizer in March, May, and July. Be sure to spread it around the drip line of the branches and not the base. Water well. If the fertilizer you choose is a slow-release type, remember to lightly cover it with soil to activate the fertilizer.

What is the best fertilizer for endless summer hydrangeas? ›

Fertilize your Endless Summer Hydrangeas in the spring with Holly-tone for blue flowers or Plant-tone and granulated lime for purple to pink flowers.

Is Miracle Grow good for hydrangeas? ›

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Bloom Booster Flower Food

This is an all-purpose blossom booster that's suitable for use on a wide variety of perennial and annual blooming plants, including hydrangeas.

What helps hydrangeas bloom more? ›

How to Get More Panicle Hydrangea Flowers:
  • Plant panicle hydrangeas in all-day sun or afternoon sun.
  • Water them during a drought, especially if you notice wilting.
  • Add plenty of organic matter (such as compost) around the plant.
  • Limit any drastic pruning to early spring, just before new growth emerges.
Apr 29, 2022

How late can you fertilize hydrangeas? ›

Don't fertilize after August. Fall is the time for hydrangeas to begin preparing for dormancy. Fertilizing at this time may stimulate new growth that will be too tender to withstand the winter. In the South, a late May application and another in July would be about right.

Can you over fertilize hydrangeas? ›

The first rule of thumb is to NOT over-fertilize your hydrangea plants. We suggest one application of granular fertilizer in spring or early summer, and then follow package instructions afterwards. If you over-fertilize, it can burn the root system of your hydrangea bushes and actually inhibit bloom production.

What is 10 20 10 fertilizer good for? ›

Summary. Low nitrogen and potassium, in combination with higher levels of phosphorus, make 10-20-10 a great choice for gardeners looking to improve root development, homeowners looking for a better root system in warm-season grasses or someone who is growing a newly established lawn in from seed.

What is 10 30 10 fertilizer used for? ›

A high phosphorus fertilizer that promotes fruiting and blooming on ornamental and fruit trees, flowering plants and vegetables.

Should you cut old blooms off Endless Summer hydrangeas? ›

"Bigleaf hydrangeas, such as Endless Summer, should be deadheaded when the first set of flowers sprouts from last year's growth in the spring, as it eliminates the faded flowers before the next flush appears," she explains.

Are Epsom salts good for hydrangeas? ›

The short answer is yes it will – Epsom Salts is Magnesium sulfate and Sulfur is the mineral that we apply to the soil to lower the pH. You will also be applying Magnesium which should help enhance the color of your foliage since Magnesium is needed for chlorophyll production.

Is 20 20 20 fertilizer good for hydrangeas? ›

Hydrangeas do well with all-purpose mixes like 10-10-10 or 20-20-20. The upside of choosing this type of mix is that you can use it on most plants in your garden without keeping many different types of fertilizer on hand. Another good mix for Hydrangeas is 15-30-15.

What is the best fertilizer for roses and hydrangeas? ›

The best fertilizer for hydrangeas is a granular (i.e., not liquid) fertilizer formulated for woody plants. We find that a rose fertilizer, like Espoma Rose Tone, is an excellent choice - after all, roses are flowering shrubs, just like hydrangeas are.

Does baking soda help hydrangeas bloom? ›

The plants begin to produce fuller and healthier blooms. If your hydrangeas just aren't wowing you like they should, give baking soda a try. And while you're at it, try baking soda in the rest of your garden!

Will vinegar help hydrangeas bloom? ›

Some gardeners have started using vinegar to lower their soil pH to change bigleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) bloom colors. Does this actually work? The short answer is kind of; in theory, it can. But is it your best long-term solution for altering your soil pH?

Should you water hydrangeas every day? ›

The hydrangea should be watered thoroughly at least 3 times a week. Always water the plant all the way around the container, not just in one place. Water should come out the bottom of the pot. Never let it sit in water which will cause the roots to rot away.

Should I water hydrangeas morning or night? ›

Water your hydrangeas in the morning before the heat of the sun is strong enough to quickly evaporate soil moisture.

How often should I Fertilise hydrangeas? ›

Most hydrangeas don't need much extra fertiliser, but woody plant guru Michael Dirr, a retired University of Georgia horticulture professor, says you can apply a balanced slow-release fertiliser in late winter to early spring. Be careful: If you apply too much fertiliser, you might get more leaves than blooms.

What to do with hydrangeas in the fall? ›

Cut the dead stumps down to their base to completely remove them. This will allow the new growth underneath to have a chance to succeed. Dead and old blooms need to be removed to make room for new buds to come through. Cut the flower head off right above the first few leaves to encourage blooms for the next summer.

Do coffee grounds help hydrangeas? ›

If you're growing hydrangeas, use coffee grounds to affect their color. Coffee grounds add extra acidity to the soil around hydrangeas. On a chemical level, this increased acidity makes it easier for the plant to absorb naturally occurring aluminum in the dirt. The effect is pretty blue clusters of flowers.

Is 12 4 8 a good fertilizer? ›

A complete fertilizer, such as 16-4-8, 12-6-6 or 12-4-8, is generally recommended, unless the soil test reveals that phosphorus and potassium are adequate.

Do coffee grounds fertilize hydrangeas? ›

But there is no need to wait for them to compost. Used coffee grounds work great right away but just digging them into the soil near your nitrogen loving plants for some extra nourishment. What is this? This works especially well camellias, hydrangeas, and roses.

What is 10 20 20 fertilizer good for? ›

10-20-20 fertilizer is a general-purpose fertilizer that works well in vegetable gardens. It works particularly well with beans and root vegetables. Soybeans, green beans, and runner beans all benefit from high-phosphorus fertilizer.

Can 10-10-10 fertilizer be used on all plants? ›

10-10-10 is considered an all-purpose, balanced fertilizer that you can use for all kinds of plants and situations. The numbers 10-10-10 represent the amounts of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus(P) and Potassium(K) - or as they're commonly known, NPK.

What is 12 24 12 fertilizer good for? ›

Trini Farmers | 12 24 12 is that a good fertilizer for citrus.

What is 20 20 20 fertilizer good for? ›

Description. Our 20-20-20 Garden Fertilizer is a multi-purpose, premium fertilizer that can be used in all stages of plant growth in vegetable or flower gardens. It contains equal amounts of nitrogen (20%), phosphorous (20%) and potassium (20%) to provide a balanced formula for your garden plants.

What are triple 10 fertilizers good? ›

All-Purpose Fertilizer 10-10-10 is great for your vegetable garden, shrubs, trees or flower beds. The fast-release formula feeds your plants for up to 2 weeks. It is recommended that you re-apply the fertilizer every 30 days during the growing season to help give your plants the nutrients they need to grow.

What is 10 15 10 fertilizer good for? ›

Schultz® All-Purpose Liquid Plant Food 10-15-10 is a concentrated product designed to feed all kinds of indoor plants, outdoor plants, flowers and vegetables. Perfect for transplanting, repotting and rooting. It is a micronutrient-rich fertilizer that will promote new growth. Must be mixed with water.

What month do you deadhead hydrangeas? ›

When to Deadhead Hydrangeas. You should deadhead throughout the blooming season to keep your hydrangeas looking their beast and encourage new flower growth. However, stop deadheading hydrangea shrubs in mid to late fall, leaving any spent blooms in place.

How do you winterize endless summer hydrangeas? ›

Fall/Winter Care

Cover the plant with a four-inch layer of organic mulch (wood mulch, leaves, etc.). There is no need to cover all stems to the tip or to cut them back. Covering should be done when fully dormant (around November 30th), or at the same time you would cover perennials in your garden.

What happens if you don't prune hydrangeas? ›

If you don't prune hydrangeas then they can eventually resemble a tangled mass of woody stems, and the flowers will become smaller and less showy. If your hydrangeas are not blooming, lack of pruning is often a reason.

How do florists keep hydrangeas fresh? ›

Many gardeners and florists follow additional post-harvest procedures in order to reduce the likelihood of wilt. Among these methods of keeping hydrangeas fresh is the process of dipping the stem of the hydrangea in boiling water or placing the stem of the hydrangea in alum.

How do I get my Endless summer hydrangeas to bloom? ›

How do you keep Endless Summer hydrangeas blooming? The best location to ensure continuous bloom is one where the plant receives morning sun and afternoon dappled shade. In too much sun, they might stop blooming.

Does pickle juice help hydrangeas? ›

Use pickle juice in your flower beds to perk up your acid-loving flowers! Flowers such as hydrangea and rhododendron need acidic soil to thrive. And the best part, no toxic chemicals!

Does sugar water help hydrangeas? ›

Add 1/4 cup of sugar to room temperature water. This helps to feed the hydrangeas' stems. Add a few pumps of hand soap to the water. Soap helps to keep bacteria way.

Can I spray vinegar on hydrangeas? ›

Though vinegar can be fatal to many common plants, others, like rhododendrons, hydrangeas and gardenias, thrive on acidity which makes a bit of vinegar the best pick-me-up. Combine one cup of plain white vinegar with a gallon of water and use the next time you water these plants to see some amazing results.

Can I use 10 10 10 fertilizer on my hydrangeas? ›

Typically hydrangeas thrive when fed an all-purpose, balanced fertilizer like a 10-10-10 N-P-K or 12-4-8 N-P-K. To increase the size and quantity of hydrangea blooms, consider a fertilizer with more phosphorus.

Is Miracle Gro garden soil good for hydrangeas? ›

To grow hydrangeas in planting beds, focus on improving the native soil. One simple way to do that is to combine equal parts existing soil and Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Trees and Shrubs. In warmer regions (zones 7 and warmer), where winter tends to be mild, you can also grow hydrangeas in containers.

Can you fertilize hydrangeas in August? ›

Fertilize hydrangeas twice a year, once in the early spring and again in the early summer. Most people apply fertilizer in May when the plants first start to leaf out. Then, feed them again during the growing season, which is around July. A second feeding is especially crucial in warmer climates.

What fertilizer makes hydrangeas pink? ›

Continue adding garden lime for pink hydrangea flowers according to package directions until the desired color is reached. Maintaining the consistently pink blossoms will require regular applications of garden lime, so it's a good idea to add it whenever you add fertilizer.

What do you feed hydrangeas to change colors? ›

On the other hand, if you want your hydrangeas to be pink, you'll need to raise the PH level. According to, "To raise the pH of acid soil, add ground limestone from a local garden centre or hardware store, or wood ashes from a fireplace or stove (this is called 'sweetening the soil')."

Does Epsom salt help hydrangeas bloom? ›

The short answer is yes it will – Epsom Salts is Magnesium sulfate and Sulfur is the mineral that we apply to the soil to lower the pH. You will also be applying Magnesium which should help enhance the color of your foliage since Magnesium is needed for chlorophyll production.

Should I fertilize my hydrangeas in the fall? ›

Don't fertilize after August. Fall is the time for hydrangeas to begin preparing for dormancy. Fertilizing at this time may stimulate new growth that will be too tender to withstand the winter. In the South, a late May application and another in July would be about right.

What does vinegar do to hydrangeas? ›

Hydrangea flowers will be pink in alkaline soil, but change to blue in acidic soil. So, mix up some apple cider vinegar and water, and give all the acid-loving plants a treat. Or change colors of your hydrangeas on a whim from pink to blue.

What color does Epsom salt turn hydrangeas? ›

Does Epsom Salt Change the Color of Hydrangea? Epsom salts are neutral and will not change the pH of your soil. Therefore, they will not affect the colour of your hydrangeas.


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